This is anĀ invitation to peer into my thoughts, meditation and journey in the form of random poetry. This is a poetry blog I created after completing a meditation and poetry retreat in Utah in April 2018.

My intention is to open up an unfolding new canvas where I share my writing, ideas in the form of poems. I was going to write a poem a day, but that didn’t really work out. Still, I’m writing poems, and this is where I am publishing the ones that fit with the exploratory theme.

Most of the poems in this blog are still raw, need editing and are in first draft forms. I feel publishing them when they are new and fresh squeezed is a very different way of expelling my writing for the world to see. Unpolished and raw, they are very much the starts of deep feelings and rushing things blowing through my brain.

If you are interested in reading EJ’s vanlife blog, click here for Like Water for Brisket.


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Crickets chirping, a melodious sound, coming from the thicket of autumnal wildflowers and trees bursting out in yellow and orange leaves. I sit, at my appointed seat, where I think, where I write, where I contemplate, and think of what may be next. Candles lit, orange glow, soft light envelops me, healing call, after a … Continue reading Chirps

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