IMG_7158Elissa Jane Mastel may be best known as the infamous chillEmpress, a rock and roll publicist who has worked in entertainment, music, culinary and technology industries. After twenty years of running in the New York City rat race, she moved to the mountains of the Catskills to live a different kind of life.

In 2017, she returned to college to become a non-traditional student at Bard College where she received two degrees in one year. The first was her BA ‘16 in Written Arts with a minor in Experimental Humanities, and MAT in Language Arts and Education in ’17.

These days, you can find her traveling around North American in an vansion exploring, doing the digital nomad thing and jotting down feelings in the written word.

In addition to writing incessantly, you can find her exploring the outdoors with her dog Scoob, cooking up meals for strangers, snowboarding, hiking and boondocking in remote spots deep in the woods.

Expressing herself through the written word has been a passionate endeavor since she was a little girl. She has written several novellas, numerous short stories and more recently she has reignited her love of writing poetry, but never published any of her work, until now.

In addition to writing, Mastel expresses herself through visual media. She was passionate about photography, and has become creating a curated collection of works that shows you interesting details of her travels through her lens. Stay tuned, a gallery of images may be posted here on this blog as well at a later date.